The Blessing of the Revival

I have known the mission since I was born and the blessing of the Revival Gospel has carried me all my life. My parents taught me to fear God, confess my sins and flee from sin.

Unfortunately I often deviated from the narrow way by being consumed with the pleasures of the world and playing with sin. God in His grace and mercy repeatedly intervened, thereby, keeping me from falling very deeply into sin. I also never let go of confessing my sins.

Several years ago I came to know a certain co-worker from mission Kwasizabantu. His life, love and prayers showed me a deeper way – the narrow way. His life exemplified the power of humility. Once his rebellious teenager yelled at him and instead of shouting back, he left the room quietly. This very reaction touched his son deeply and brought him to repentance.

God continued to work in my life and I slowly started to lose sight of the world and experience a living relationship with God. He has since given me a wife that I could marry in a pure way. We now have 3 children and are privileged to be part of a Kwasizabantu branch in Mozambique. I am thankful for the support and prayers from the mission’s senior co-workers. God hears their prayers!

I am thankful for the gift of knowing this precious gospel that God has given to Uncle Erlo and the Zulus.

Yoann Escach

Yoann Escach