Thank You for Showing Me the Way

More than 25 years ago, for the first time ever in my life, I heard the Gospel Message being preached by uncle Erlo and co-workers of the mission. I was very young at that time, but God in His grace used them to start His work in my life. It kept me from manifold harm and useless pain in my youth and, most importantly, the preaching and the living examples of the missionaries showed me God‘s standard and His purpose for my life: so much higher than I had ever thought! So spiritually, I owe everything to the mission‘s work and to its people. How grateful and privileged I am to be counted among those that have come to know and to love this revival! I often marvel at the thought that God picked me – of all people – to lead me to these streams of living water.

I had the privilege of studying teaching at the mission‘s college and apart from those four years, visited the mission on several other occasions. For those times I am profoundly grateful and cannot put in words what the messages and people mean to me. It is my prayer that the Lord would continue and complete His work in me. Thank you for the precious pearl of counselling and in the process getting right with the Almighty God. I know that the only way to properly express my gratitude towards you is by living out what I hear and see. Thank you for showing me the way.

Julia Lieske