So Much to be Thankful for

I was raised in the rural area of Maphumulo; KwaSizabantu Mission would always send a car to fetch congregation members from our area so they could be able to attend the church service on a Sunday; as a child I always used to come to church with my mom. From those early days, my love for God was cultivated; I knew that there is an almighty and powerful God who cares for me. When I started school, my parents sent me to Domino Servite School, this was one of the best decisions they made as parents. Most of my schooling was at DSS and when I matriculated, I felt like a bird with new wings; I was confident that I was well equipped to face the future. The following year I started to work for aQuellé and was offered a Bursary and through that I have been able to obtain a Law Degree.

Thank you to KwaSizabantu Mission for… a lot of things… a memorable childhood and for giving me a firm foundation of faith; for a good education that I otherwise could not have had, a safe and care free environment in which I was able to grow, discover and become; thank you to aQuellé for giving me a livelihood, a career and a qualification. I thank God for each one that left their worldly pursuits and ambitions in order to work for Him here. Through their lives many hearts have been set aglow and have learnt again how to love and hope and believe. May their lamps continue to shine even brighter.

Bongiwe Mhlongo