Received Love and Support

My husband and I got to know the mission in 1986. Rev. Erlo Stegen and his team came to Germany in that time to preach.

We were deeply touched by the gospel and our lives changed for a life time. Since then until today we are with the Kwazisabantu mission.

In the year 2000 we moved to South Africa, to the KSB Mission. We lived there, worked there and my children attended the Domino Servite School. Throughout all these years until now I have always experienced Rev. Erlo Stegen and the co-workers being friendly to us. We have always received help and they had open ears for our problems.

A few years ago my husband past away very unexpectedly. Rev. Erlo Stegen and his family immediately helped us, as well as the coworkers. They supported me and my family in each possible way. They showed us comfort and love and they stood with us.

Jesus says that we should treat others as we want to be treated. This is what I experience on the mission from the leaders and coworkers. Their lives and example encourage me every day.

Monika Ludwig

Monika Ludwig