Our Walk with the Lord Deepened

Johnson Nghatsane: Phola KSB. I and my wife Linda first visited KSB Mission in 1981. I met old friends that I had long known from charismatic circles. They told us in the face that we should forget about charismatic experiences and listen to God speaking to our hearts through his Word and Holy Spirit. We then identified a counsellor who was able to have counselling sessions and pray with us. Since then our walk and relationship with the Lord deepened and we have never looked back. KSB became our spiritual home and the co-workers our brothers and sisters.  We have been visiting the Mission almost every year for conferences and spiritual nourishment. We organized outreaches for the Mission to preach in Limpopo and Mpumalanga Provinces as well as in Mozambique. We have known KSB Mission leader Rev. E.H. Stegen to be an upright person who will never allow sin to happen under his watch.  Our association with KSB has enriched us with many skills.

Johnson Nghatsane