Keep it up DSS!

I would like to thank the principal and the staff of this KwaSizabantu Mission school for the quality education and a safe place they provide for our children. I have had four children (two sons and two daughters) who matriculated at DSS. This year two of my sons are proudly DSS students.

They have been happy learners of DSS and do not regret going to that school. My son Sakhile Radebe even won Technology Olympiad nationally, with other two learners. Their prize was going to England for three/two weeks. I was so proud when he had to fly before I, as a parent, could experience an aeroplane flight then. Keep up the standard DSS, we are proud of your work. God will bless you and the Mission for what you do for us.

The school has had 100% pass rate for the past 30+ years.

Proud parent

SB Radebe (Umzimkhulu)

Sandile Radebe
Sandile Radebe