Indescribable Place

Indescribable Place

I want to thank God for such a place like Kwasizabantu,
where else can you find a place full of harmony and peace?
or God working inexpressibly?

I enjoy that peace and harmony when I arrive at that place, no need to worry or to be afraid of anything, for I know it’s God’s place.

For I know it’s God’s place:

                     Where else is there such a place?
                     Nowhere in the world is there such a place!
                     A place of harmony;
                     A place full of peace;
                     A place full of forgiveness;
                     A place of Grace:
                     Where else is there such a place?
                     Nowhere, for I know it’s a God-Given place:
                     A place called Kwasizabantu!

Thank you!

Peter Joosten