I Was Set Free

I grew up with my grandmother in Soweto as my mother passed away when I was 3 years old.

Over the years, when I saw other children with their mothers, I had that feeling of ‘why me out of all people’. I started to become sad inside and after some time I began using drugs. My drug use continued for 15 years. Drugs took me to many bad places, but they never could help me with the feeling I felt inside of me.

In December 2018 I arrived at Kwasizabantu Mission. That was when God started to work in my life and I could finally let go of the grudge that I carried because of growing up without a mother. After speaking with the counsellors and confessing my sin I was set free!

I now work in the Coffee Shop based at KwaSizabantu Mission.

God used Kwasizabantu to restore me. I’m free and I’m free indeed.

Gugulethu Tshabalala

Gugulethu Tshabalala