I Received Forgiveness

My name is Eugene, and I am from Cape Town. I started off being a very rebellious youth, I became involved with hard drugs from a young age. I was unhappy at home, so I ran away at age 14 to use and sell drugs with local gangsters. Eventually, I moved in with my older sister but still struggled with unhappiness and emptiness. I tried many things to find meaning and fulfilment but always just ended up messing up everything I do by making the wrong choices. I tried rehabs and medication to help me but ended up back on drugs. I was getting worse and worse even injecting drugs.

In 2009 when I was 19 years old, I met the people from the KwaSizabantu Mission in Malmesbury. I used to visit many churches, but this was the first time that I experienced the LORD in such a real way. I committed my life to the Lord and from that time my life started to change. I received freedom from bitterness by learning to forgive. I received forgiveness and the power to overcome sin through confession.

That same year I went to the December Youth Conference at Kwasizabantu Mission and many more after that. I am so thankful for such a place that can guide, and counsel people like me that used to have no hope and direction. I have decided to commit my life to the Lord and serve Him in whichever way He sees fit. Even though I have made mistakes the mission has always treated me with love and guided me back on the right way. If it were not for the help of the mission, I would have died through a life of drugs, instead I could complete my schooling and I am currently studying law.

I am thankful to Reverend Stegen and the co-workers for the help and guidance I have received from the mission through the years. May the Lord continue to bless this wonderful work.

Eugene Visser

Eugene Visser