Burdens are lifted

Jakobus de Wet

Although I did not live my whole life at KwaSizabantu Mission, my family has been visiting the Mission for as long as I can remember. It has always been a refreshing and enriching experience. I remember how the excitement would grow as we came closer to KwaSizabantu for a visit. I remember the joy of seeing the warm smiles of the people there, and I always felt welcome.

KwaSizabantu Mission and the ministry of Rev Erlo Stegen is very close to my heart, and it holds many fond memories. After finishing Grade 12 I went to study at Cedar College, based on the Mission. Through a wonderful student experience, when I struggled with things in my life, the elders of KwaSizabantu were always available and willing to give kind and Godly advice and correction. I could expose my burdens and sins to God’s cleansing light.

After four years I graduated and accepted a teaching post in the Western Cape, at a school with no affiliation with the Mission. When the Lord led me into marriage two years later, we moved back to the Mission. Today, more than ten years later, we are still involved in the Ministry of KwaSizabantu at a branch of the Mission.

When I look back, no other place and no other people had as profound an impact on my life as KwaSizabantu. It was there that I was pointed to Calvary, and my burdens were lifted.

Jakobus de Wet